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Matt The CPA

“Our story is one like many small business owners that needed some guidance and a major clean up. Matt and his team are incredible! They were understanding, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. My wife and I have a huge peace of mind knowing they are looking after our financials and helping guide us along our journey of small business owners! Thank you again guys for all of the help!”

– James Mason

Crossfit NSB

CrossFit is elite fitness for everyone. Our classes are based on the CrossFit program originally developed by legendary coach Greg Glassman after his many years of watching, working with, and coaching all types of people – from those merely interested in general fitness to elite athletes.


177 North Causeway New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168

Providing Small Business CPA Services

Matt the CPA streamlines operations for businesses of all types, managing everything from bookkeeping and tax compliance to strategic financial planning. We assist with budgeting, forecasting, and cash flow optimization to bolster profitability. Further, our insights on cost-saving measures, tax deductions, and financial reporting allow businesses to concentrate on their core operations while ensuring financial stability and growth.

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New Smyrna Beach Area Stats

State                             Florida

County                          Volusia County

Land Area (mi²)          37.7 sq mi

Density (mi²)              863.80/sq mi

Growth Since 2020 2.31% (736)


Our CPA firm provides expertise and personalized attention across diverse industries.


Full-Service, Bars, Coffee Shops, Food Trucks, and anything in between

Boutique Shops

Clothing, sporting goods, artwork, knick-knacks, #shoplocal


Micro gyms, Yoga and Pilates, Personal training, all things fitness

Beauty and Hair

Salons, barbershops, Estheticians, self-care


Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, and all types of therapies

Other Services

Marketing, Legal, Real Estate, Automotive, not mentioned? Just ask.

Matt The CPA

In my experience working with business owners, it didn’t take long to notice that entrepreneurship is the ultimate path to financial freedom. Let’s face it, an employer is always going to pay you the least amount that they can get away with. That’s why I believe in the path of entrepreneurship and why I believe in creating your own value. My goal is to help you reach your full potential and your own level of financial freedom.