The Millennial Market Correction

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The Millennial Market Correction

You just graduated from college.

Now, go impress a baby-boomer because they have all the money! Right?

Who’s tired of this theme? You went to school for 20ish years of your life only to get to the other side and find yourself man-flirting with a 60-year-old who can’t open a PDF. It’s truly a raw deal and your dissatisfaction is NOT due to your laziness and addiction to social media. A system was created a generation before us that preys on the young and innocent. A system that thrives on keeping highly skilled millennials afraid and reliant. You don’t have to be a three eyed raven to see that the current system of employment is not working. At least… not working for everyone.

Millennials are pouring out of university with a fat stack of debt, lackluster amounts of knowledge, and a flimsy piece of paper to show for it. It’s not pretty. The university systems are making money hand over fist on our desires to make our parents proud whether the information is actually valuable to us or not. New MBA program? Sure, I’ll max out my loans with little to no idea of the return this investment could bring me. Graduate school may actually be the biggest trick played on Millennials to date. Have you ever been presented with something along the lines of, “The point of college isn’t what you learn, it’s proof that you have the capacity to learn?” Wait? What the fuck? That’s what we’re supposed to spend $100,000 on?

Once we load up on our debt and useless knowledge, the entry level jobs that are being offered simply do not pay the bills, and again, it’s all by design.

Large “corporate” style businesses (I say “corporate” because you don’t have to be an actual “corporation” for legal purposes to behave this way) are LITERALLY designed like a pyramid. You know, the infamous “corporate structure.” And this structure is exactly as it sounds. A few people at the top recognize real profit and benefits from the company’s product or services, and the layers of people below them get paid the remainder. That remainder is dissected into smaller and smaller amounts until it finally reaches that exciting entry level position you applied for. You don’t generally need the information you learned in college, they just want you to buy in, follow directions, and fit the mold. You’re feeling empty and dissatisfied, but you can’t consider leaving because cash is tight due to your loans and low wages. You are losing and the individuals running the systems that got you here are laughing their way to banks.

Now, think about this for a moment. Pretend YOU, the millennial, are that guy or gal at the top of the large and successful company or educational system. It could be you one day. It’s important to acknowledge that this model makes sense for you now. Of course you want to make the lion’s share of the profits and aren’t going to be paying those punks right out of school for shit. The system DOES makes sense for the owners and people at the top. But that doesn’t mean the REAL you should be stuck in the slow lane they’ve created. You don’t have to just blindly accept your fate. You don’t have to drunkenly waltz your way into the traps that are the university and employment systems of this world.

Every person who submits to a system that they don’t believe in and don’t believe to be working is participating in a social injustice. Often, the injustice that could have ramifications for generations to come. Think about other events in human history that made you think to yourself, “Why did the people of that generation just go along with this? Why couldn’t they see how wrong it actually was?” That’s us right now. We have to react. We have to take matters into our own hands. We have to demand better from our university and corporate systems. We can’t expect those at the top to change a system that is working for them. It’s the principals of economics.  We are the employment “market” and we need to stage a correction.

If you hadn’t already guessed it, the answer to our problem is entrepreneurship. The answer is freelancing. The answer is the gig economy. The answer is self-employment. The answer is taking back our value and our control. My personal mission has crystalized in the last year:

I want to do my part in securing and solidifying the millennial’s position as the greatest generation of entrepreneurship and human progress that has ever lived. Not just because we are exceptional, but because we need to be.

Millennials are primed to lead the charge against the corporate structures that are working against us. It has never, ever, EVER been easier to be self-employed. Literally think of your favorite activity. Your passion. Now look it up on Youtube. SOMEBODY is making money by being good at that exact thing you are passionate about – and that next somebody could be you. See and build on what is already out there and then take a new approach that is unique to your style. There is always more room in cyberspace for fresh and genuine content.

But it’s not just social media that is propping up young entrepreneurs all over the world. (By the way, if social media IS your thing, definitely read “Crushing It” by Gary Vaynerchuk. It is an amazing resource geared towards leveraging your personal brand and social media presence to make money.) Access to free information has never been easier. Love cooking and aspire to be a chef? You can use free resources online to learn everything you need to know about cooking and the restaurant business. It’s all there. Articles, YouTube videos, podcasts. The same goes for other potential skills too. Dancing is a great example. I love to dance and have personally deep dove into the limitless resources of dance videos and tutorials that the web has to offer. Maybe one day I will consider opening up a dance studio if my accounting biz runs dry (if you’ve seen me dance you’re laughing). But the list goes on: Real estate, music, trades such as plumbing, electrical, and appliance repair, software development. Here’s a link to get started –

Here’s the thing y’all. Don’t go to university and pour your money into a degree that will leave you with a load of debt and no legitimate skills. You should be taking deliberate and intentional action when deciding on your path to financial success. After college, don’t stick with an employer that actively tries to squeeze you down into their system of reliance and low pay. As much as they want you to think it’s true, you do not need the comforts and structure of a big company to succeed. In both college and your career, focus entirely on obtaining skills that will make you valuable in the marketplace, not the skills that make you valuable in their broken system. Carve out your own path. Flip the script from being a consumer to being a producer. All of the resources you need to do so are readily available to you.

 It’s time for The Millennial Market Correction.

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Matt The CPA

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